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“A convincing guide...recommended for readers interested in self-help.”

Margaret Cardwell
Library Journal

“This is a science-based look at the ways in which alternative healing modalities work in relation to not only particular illnesses, but also the personalities of people seeking treatment. The authors target twelve chronic conditions, the Dozen Discomforts, to analyze in depth. Going well beyond the idea of dissociated feelings triggering physical conditions in the body, they zero in on specific responses, specific personality types, and specific solutions. They organize the broad field of Alternative Medicine into seven main categories, the Super Seven. Then they coordinate the Super Seven with the Dozen Discomforts to create a guide for which alternative modalities work best for which health conditions. It’s a very complex subject, which the authors have managed to describe in extremely readable terms."

"The result is a manual on alternative medicine which is useful and accessible for both clients and the professionals providing services for them. This is a break-through book which heralds the next growth phase in alternative treatment and wellness. Be sure to check out the pages and pages of resources and references at the end of the book.”

Anna Jedrziewski
New Age Retailer

"Your Emotional Type appears to be hitting the public as an interesting hybrid: a science-based book, back-end loaded with references, that is also self-help and filled with useful resources."

John Weeks
The Integrator Blog

"Today's conventional health care system is often incapable of creating effective pain relief or sustainable health. It concentrates on diseases, disorders and treatments, rather than on individuals…This approach, at best, produces mixed results, and frequently is unable to help those suffering chronic illness and pain."

"Refreshingly, Your Emotional Type explores what scientific research now validates and what Hippocrates asserted centuries ago: 'It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what disease a person has.' While an individual is certainly not his or her illness, health conditions do have unique personal meaning. Understanding the way you 'feel your feelings' helps uncover the source and process of symptoms relating to both physical and mental ailments."

Gail Lord
Spirit of Change

"Could it be that each of us is a particular 'type' who will respond better to some therapies than to others? And if this is true, would it be helpful to know what will work best for your type? Yes, and yes! This book explains how we develop our particular 'types' and then discusses a variety of conditions such as depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines, showing which therapies might work for various people.

"There is a ton of resources given so that it would be fairly easy to follow-up and find what is going to work best for you. This is a great handbook that will be useful to anyone working with chronic conditions. A perfect gift for therapists, physicians, bodyworkers, and for people with various conditions."

Krista Gibson
New Spirit Journal

“This book takes another important step toward what personal experience has shown me through the years - that there are similar emotional types connected with certain types of illnesses. With very clear and concise language, this book will give all those who read it a running start to find the correct therapy to help heal themselves.”

Dhara Lemos
Lotus Guide


"Examining the interplay of emotions, chronic illness and pain, and treatment success, Michael Jawer and Dr. Marc Micozzi reveal how the twelve most common chronic conditions are linked to certain emotional types and how these ailments are best treated by choosing a healing therapy in line with your type.

"You begin by taking a quiz/assessment that helps you determine your emotional boundary type. After you determine if your emotional boundaries are thick, thin or somewhere in between, you consult a chart showing which alternative healing therapies work best for your specific chronic condition. Say you are a thin boundary person suffering from migraines. After consulting the chart, you might determine that biofeedback would be an excellent alternative therapy for you to try. If you suffer from a chronic condition, this short book filled with helpful advice is worth a try."

Kristy Musalo
New Connexion Journal


"A fascinating new which [the authors] accomplish something rare, utilizing a well-researched method to categorize personality types, using those personality types to understand why certain people get specific illnesses, and then explaining which aspects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can best help these conditions."

"Different from the genetically-based "personalized medicine" that many in conventional medicine believe holds the promise of future breakthroughs, the method presented by Jawer and Micozzi is available now."

"Your Emotional Type is a valuable contribution to the healing arts and self-care literature. Along with their previous book, The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, it deserves a wide readership."

Daniel Redwood, DC
Health Insights Today


"The book contains useful information for any practitioner who has clients with chronic illness... [the authors] refer to the energy of emotion and the final chapter discusses Energy Medicine…Perhaps the next step is to explore how Energy Psychology practitioners can use the information on boundaries to know which treatment might best suit a client with thick or thin boundaries."

Lorna Minewiser, PhD, CEHP
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology


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